kucoin DAPPXUSDT IchimokuCloud DCA

Trades for DAPPXUSDT from KUCOIN

2022-10-29T22:42:15ZBuy 0.0037
2022-10-29T22:52:00ZSell 0.0037 1.32%
2022-10-30T03:09:00ZBuy 0.0037
2022-10-30T04:37:30ZBuy 0.0037
2022-10-30T10:28:00ZBuy 0.0036
2022-10-30T16:36:30ZSell 0.0037 1.00%
2022-10-31T13:07:15ZBuy 0.0037
2022-10-31T19:50:45ZBuy 0.0037
2022-11-01T10:18:45ZBuy 0.0036
2022-11-03T01:21:45ZBuy 0.0036
2022-11-03T08:41:00ZBuy 0.0036
2022-11-03T14:23:00ZBuy 0.0035
2022-11-03T14:47:30ZBuy 0.0035
2022-11-03T18:59:15ZBuy 0.0035
2022-11-05T06:40:15ZBuy 0.0037
2022-11-05T07:09:45ZSell 0.0038 1.06%
2022-11-05T16:20:30ZBuy 0.0038
2022-11-05T20:21:00ZSell 0.0039 2.72%
2022-11-06T07:16:30ZBuy 0.0038
2022-11-06T16:10:15ZBuy 0.0037
2022-11-07T16:55:45ZBuy 0.0037
2022-11-08T04:01:30ZBuy 0.0036
2022-11-08T07:34:30ZBuy 0.0036
2022-11-08T21:57:15ZBuy 0.0027
2022-11-09T08:25:00ZBuy 0.0027
2022-11-10T00:59:30ZBuy 0.0019
2022-11-10T01:34:00ZBuy 0.0020
2022-11-10T03:39:00ZBuy 0.0021
2022-11-10T03:58:45ZBuy 0.0021
2022-11-10T04:04:30ZBuy 0.0021
2022-11-10T04:18:00ZBuy 0.0021
2022-11-10T06:52:15ZBuy 0.0022
2022-11-10T07:56:15ZBuy 0.0022
2022-11-10T15:21:15ZBuy 0.0023
2022-11-10T23:55:00ZBuy 0.0023
2022-11-11T03:21:45ZBuy 0.0023
2022-11-11T06:56:30ZBuy 0.0023
2022-11-11T07:00:15ZBuy 0.0023
2022-11-11T09:49:00ZBuy 0.0023
2022-11-11T10:03:45ZBuy 0.0023
2022-11-11T11:36:15ZBuy 0.0023
2022-11-12T07:18:00ZBuy 0.0022
2022-11-12T09:34:00ZBuy 0.0021
2022-11-12T11:10:45ZBuy 0.0022
2022-11-12T15:01:30ZBuy 0.0022
2022-11-12T15:08:00ZBuy 0.0022
2022-11-12T19:01:00ZBuy 0.0022
2022-11-12T21:14:15ZBuy 0.0021
2022-11-12T22:47:15ZBuy 0.0021
2022-11-12T23:49:30ZBuy 0.0021
2022-11-13T01:14:00ZBuy 0.0021
2022-11-13T05:23:15ZBuy 0.0022
2022-11-13T15:55:45ZBuy 0.0021
2022-11-14T04:51:30ZBuy 0.0020
2022-11-14T06:50:00ZBuy 0.0020
2022-11-14T15:12:00ZBuy 0.0019
2022-11-14T16:26:45ZBuy 0.0018
2022-11-14T16:33:00ZBuy 0.0018
2022-11-14T20:21:15ZBuy 0.0018
2022-11-14T21:09:45ZBuy 0.0019
2022-11-15T12:49:15ZBuy 0.0020
2022-11-15T13:09:15ZSell 0.0021 1.06%
2022-11-15T18:35:30ZBuy 0.0021
2022-11-15T18:55:15ZSell 0.0022 1.38%
2022-11-15T21:17:45ZBuy 0.0021
2022-11-15T22:04:30ZSell 0.0022 2.07%
2022-11-16T03:13:00ZBuy 0.0021
2022-11-16T04:13:15ZBuy 0.0021
2022-11-16T06:42:15ZSell 0.0021 1.43%
2022-11-16T10:29:15ZBuy 0.0021
2022-11-16T11:13:30ZSell 0.0021 1.39%
2022-11-17T00:50:00ZBuy 0.0020
2022-11-17T02:02:45ZSell 0.0020 1.00%
2022-11-17T06:01:00ZBuy 0.0020
2022-11-17T11:37:00ZBuy 0.0019
2022-11-17T15:36:15ZSell 0.0020 1.02%
2022-11-17T20:05:30ZBuy 0.0019
2022-11-17T21:49:30ZSell 0.0020 2.41%
2022-11-18T05:20:00ZBuy 0.0019
2022-11-18T06:49:00ZSell 0.0019 2.40%
2022-11-18T06:52:45ZBuy 0.0019
2022-11-18T07:04:45ZSell 0.0020 2.82%
2022-11-18T08:00:30ZBuy 0.0019
2022-11-18T10:10:15ZSell 0.0020 1.27%
2022-11-18T10:18:15ZBuy 0.0020
2022-11-18T10:21:15ZSell 0.0020 1.27%
2022-11-18T14:00:00ZBuy 0.0021
2022-11-18T18:52:00ZBuy 0.0020
2022-11-18T19:52:15ZSell 0.0022 3.37%
2022-11-18T23:30:15ZBuy 0.0021
2022-11-18T23:40:00ZSell 0.0021 1.61%
2022-11-19T07:04:00ZBuy 0.0023
2022-11-19T20:07:00ZBuy 0.0020
2022-11-20T22:07:00ZBuy 0.0020
2022-11-20T22:45:30ZBuy 0.0020
2022-11-21T00:38:00ZBuy 0.0019
2022-11-21T10:52:45ZBuy 0.0019
2022-11-21T17:30:45ZSell 0.0021 1.07%
2022-11-21T21:22:45ZBuy 0.0020
2022-11-22T00:23:45ZBuy 0.0020
2022-11-22T12:03:00ZSell 0.0021 1.04%
2022-11-22T14:22:45ZBuy 0.0021
2022-11-22T15:03:45ZSell 0.0021 2.89%
2022-11-22T15:10:45ZBuy 0.0021
2022-11-22T19:07:00ZBuy 0.0021
2022-11-23T07:38:45ZBuy 0.0023
2022-11-23T09:03:30ZBuy 0.0022
2022-11-23T16:36:45ZBuy 0.0021
2022-11-24T04:57:30ZBuy 0.0021
2022-11-24T16:26:45ZBuy 0.0020
2022-11-24T21:02:00ZBuy 0.0021
2022-11-25T00:53:30ZBuy 0.0021
2022-11-25T01:24:00ZSell 0.0022 2.16%
2022-11-25T02:46:30ZBuy 0.0022
2022-11-25T06:25:15ZBuy 0.0021
2022-11-25T10:08:15ZBuy 0.0021
2022-11-25T18:06:00ZBuy 0.0020
2022-11-25T21:01:45ZBuy 0.0021
The methodology used in this chart is Jackrabbit TV, a series of TradingView modules that work like Legos and can be combined in multiple and unlimited ways to create unique combinations called recipes. More information is available here: Introducing Jackrabbit modulus, the subscription based framework for technical analysis and automated trading. If you would like to purchase a monthly subscription to Jackrabbit TV, please visit subscribe to Jackrabbit TV.

The combination of Jackrabbit modules used on this chart uses accumulation and proper dollar cost averaging. If you are uncertain or have questions about what a proper dollar cost averaging technique is, please watch this video: The truth about Dollar Cost Averaging
TradingView charts used on multiple assets and will need to be updated to the asset on this table.
Chart: IchimokuCloud DCA
Graph updated hourly
This chart illustrates the principle of accumulation. This is a process where the algorithm purchases at opportunistic points in the market as price drops. The goal of this process is to mitigate losses by avoiding them. Profits are taken when the market price goes above the average price by a specified percentage. Accumulation based agorithms are different then traditional approaches and have different risks associated with them. Risks are associated with the exposure of the number of positions currently held, not drawdown. Any value below 0 is the current accumulation of this asset at that point in time. Values above 0 are profits taken.
All charts are based upon a $10 position size with 100 positions worst case scenario planning to ensure an apples to apples comparison between assets and strategies.
Past profitability and performance is not indicative of future profitability and performance.
The data represented here is solely for analysis and research.

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